What Onesie Should I Buy My Girlfriend For Christmas?

by Admin on 23/10/2013

Onesies have increased in popularity over the past couple of years, almost to the point that they’ve become passé. That’s not to say, though, that people don’t want them any more – some long for a onesie, especially if they’ve never had one before – they’re kind of feeling left out! They long to feel that luxurious comfort that only a snuggly onesie can bring on a cold evening.


Aztec print onesie

Aztec Print Onesie

Even though the surprising thing during 2013 was that it was men bearing the all-in-one standard, especially at festivals and stag parties, women (and that includes wives, girlfriends, daughters and grandmothers) still generally love the idea of onesies. They have become the ultimate pyjama, that can be worn comfortably around the home for long periods of time, even during the day, and they can get away with it. Some have been known not to get out of their onesies, except perhaps to get in the shower, hopefully, and have taken to wearing them from morning until dusk. This is a lazy Sunday treat, of course. What self-respecting woman would want to wear the same thing all day, every day? But there are times, and we all know it, when lazing around the house and just bumming out can be a calming and restful thing to do, especially after a stressful week at work and what better way to do it than in our favourite, cosy onesie.

Buying An Animal Onesie For My Girlfriend or Wife


Tiger Onesie for kids or adults

Tiger Onesies

So what are women looking for in a onesie? Still massively popular with the younger generation are the animal onesies that you can get that come with tails, floppy ears and feet in the visage of your favourite cutesy animal. You can probably find out from your girlfriend which animal onesie she would fancy by simply knowing which animals she likes the best at the zoo or in general. Some of the strong, silent types might prefer a lion or tiger onesie, if your girlfriend is more of a softy rabbit lover, then you’ll know what to get. Don’t forget some of the more unusual animals as well, though. Some of the most popular animal onesies in recent years, mainly due to their cuteness factor have been panda and giraffe onesies. If you know what animals she likes, you’ll easily get a feel for which animal suit to get her. Even if you’re not sure, just browse through the various animal costumes listed on this site and I’m sure you’ll see something that especially suits your girlfriend.

What If She Doesn’t Like The Animal Style All-In-Ones?

If you’re looking to buy a onesie for your wife or an older lady, you might find that the animal style kigurumi onesies are not really her taste. Though, of course, to many they are. It’s probably worth trying to find out subtly whether she would wear an animal onesie before buying one, though. They can be thought to make a great Christmas or Birthday present at the time of buying, only to be sat in the wardrobe never to be worn by someone who might feel a little self-conscious dressed up in animal attire! That’s not how we want our animals ending up here at Onesie Zoo!

There are other style onesies out there that may be more suited if your wife or girlfriend isn’t the type to dress up in an Eeyore costume or as a Cat or a Bear. If you like the idea of a themed onesie, but not quite with the same childish connurtations as some of the animals you see here, you could go for something like a Hello Kitty onesie. These are a classic of fashionable statement nowadays and, although they, started as a child’s icon, they have become the kitsch of the mainstream. Some other kigurumi characters from Manga and Pokemon, for example are also awfully trendy just now and come with a street cred that decries their childish origins.

OK, so if you totally want to get away from the animal or character onesies, but are determined to get her something stylish, yet as fleecy and luxurious as those, without the drama and possible embarrassment, there are some wonderful designs out there that women are currently loving. These stylish onesies range from Camouflage Patterns or Stars and Stripes to Aztec, Polka dot or Christmas themed designs.

Go have a look and I’m sure you find the exact onesie that you want to buy for your wife or girlfriend this Christmas.

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