The Most Popular Adult Onesies in 2013?

by Admin on 10/07/2013

So the onesie has become ubiquitous over the past couple of years and adults are buying them in droves. I think it’s all come about because they initially got popular at festivals, raves and on the club scene. Then they became a common sight in the city centres on weekend nights due to stag dos and Hen parties. Let’s face it, these going out scenes are always looking for something new and the onesies seemed to be it for a couple of years – it offered something a bit outrageous and both the men and women like to dress up if they can get away with it, especially at these kind of events.

Then there was big exposure on TV shows like The Young Apprentice, where the potential winners were asked to sell stuff at festivals and ended up having great success with the animal onesies. Coupled with this was the fact that celebrities like One Direction and Miley Cyrus started appearing all over the place dressed in onesies and were snapped like the media had never seen the like. Well, they pretty much hadn’t – until every celebrity and his dog (and his horse) started wearing all manner of animal onesies and other fashionably designed all-in-ones of all kinds of colours, stripes, flag designs combat style and any other style you can think of.

colourful stylish onesies

2013 Plain Colour Onesies

So what’s the onesies scene like in 2013? I think things have drifted away a little from the animal onesies craze (at least out in the open). Folks are still snapping them up like crazy for wearing at home – there’s nothing snugger than an animal suit when the cold and dark nights draw in – and couples seem to like the idea of buying a pair of the same animal to snuggle up together in.Out on the streets, onesies are still pretty common, especially with the blokes, funnily enough. On a recent outing in Bristol during a well-known 90s band gig, a number of onesie touting geezers were to be seen walking the streets oblivious to turned heads and the odd stifled giggle. The onesies they were wearing were what I would call more “stylish” onesies – stripes, Aztec designs and Scandinavian designs. I saw a US flag onesie (it actually looked pretty good, bright and colourful) and somebody else in a Camouflage design – again, there was something about the fact that it wasn’t an animal onesie that made it seem pretty acceptable.

So it seems that the onesie style has moved on a little, especially if the intention is to wear it in the big outdoors. Animal onesies seem to remain as a favourite pyjama style onesie choice, kept well behind locked doors, unless you are going to some kind of party or lively event. But nicely tailored, stylish, bright and colourful onesies still seem to be all the rage and are being worn outside by the fashion set with an air of chic.

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