Giraffe Scarf, Costume or Slippers

by Admin on 25/10/2014

It’s funny how a new animal can squeeze its way into the personal fashion space of the ladies. This week it’s giraffe slippers and giraffe scarves. There’s a nice ring to the phrase “giraffe scarf”. Almost onomatopoeic. Giraffe onesies are a thing of the past, supposedly, but I’m still seeing plenty of takers. Giraffe onesies aren’t going away!


Birds and Chickens

A couple of years ago my fairer half, like many women, girls and teenagers suddenly started to take an interest in all things “bird”. It was rife. I mean, bird iPad covers, bird wallpaper, birds on their dresses and birds started appearing in the kitchen. Chickens mainly! Actually things went niche very quickly from birds, in general, to chickens in particular, but that’s another story. I don’t know who or how these things come about. Is it a fashion guru entity, the greater mystique (some kind of mass TV hysteria- Trinny and Susannah or Gok) or just a quirk picked up by the clothing stores? Whatever happened, the theme was birds and in our household that mainly manifested itself in all things chicken. Here’s a link to some Chicken Suits, Chicken Onesies and Chicken Costumes – Click Here
It’s tricky, when you live in a part of the world where loving couples might frequently use the coquettish “chicken” as a term of endearment, to get away from the flu festering fellas.

Weird Interest In Giraffes

Like I said, it’s a mystery. There’s still plenty of interest in all kinds of birds and chickens but now I’m seeing a weird interest in giraffes. I remember the BBC Wildlife film of a giraffe fight a year or so ago and I wonder if that managed to play into the memory or cause some sort of fixation with all things giraffe. Whatever it was, there is now a plethora of women looking for giraffe slippers, giraffe scarfs and giraffe nightwear. PJs, Giraffe onesies and all that kind of stuff are as popular as ever, if not more so.

We have a restaurant here in Bristol called Giraffe. It’s a decent enough food venue. It’s close to the cinema in Cabot Circus (that seems rather apt). On our Christmas do’s the girls love to collect the giraffe drinks mixers that they supply. They do seem quite elegant and collectable and look great as small office trinkets.

Giraffe Fashion

So where are we going with the giraffe motif in fashion? Places, it would seem. Every year has a favourite animal and this year the giraffe amongst all other animals is what I’m seeing more than any other in my search of animal keywords being searched. I wonder as to the cause, there’s definitely a mass movement towards endangered species and giraffes fit the bill in terms of being in that vicinity.

Giraffe Slippers

Giraffe slippers have always been a classic Christmas gift for those into fuzzy and cuddly animal or monster feet. Kit yourself out with the best giraffe onesie, giraffe horns or antlers and giraffe monster feet or slippers. Whether you want to stay in dressed up cosy as a giraffe or are hitting a party where giraffe regalia is your thing, you’ll find all you need in the links provided on this page.

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