Christmas Onesie and Costume Ideas

by Admin on 25/09/2013

Christmas Onesies Ideas

What better way to start the festive season than by buying your girlfriend or wife a stunning yuletide Christmas themed onesie? We all know that much of Christmas is about cuddling up with our loved-ones, typically around a seasonal log fire, while all around, the snow is falling outside!

OK, perhaps that was a little stylised but there are some awesome Christmas onesies out there to choose from whether they are Santa Claus Onesie suits for the men (maybe sexy Santas for the women) or perhaps onesies with reindeer, holly or even turkeys incorporated into their design. As you’d expect, Christmas onesies come in traditional yuletide colours including berry reds and holly leaf greens. You’ll even find some that incorporate that Christmas pressie tinsel and gift-wrapped effect into the all-in-one so your loved one can walk down on Christmas morning all dressed up as a Christmas gift (ready for unwrapping!).

A couple of neat designs I’ve spotted are these two festive suits that come replete with Christmas puddings, Christmas trees and stockings – what a wonderful, warming sight to wake up to on a cold Christmas morning.

Christmas Onesies

Festive Christmas Onesies

Onesies Christmas Men

Men’s Christmas Onesie







Red Santa Claus Hooded Onesies

If you’re after a Santa Claus effect onesie for him or her, you wouldn’t go wrong with these relatively inexpensive luxury fleecy onesies in traditional Father Christmas red and black or white trim. They keep all the tradition of the Santa Claus imagery alive and couple it with the modern zip-up all-in-one tone of the uniquely modern onesie style. Effective both at home on Christmas day or for something more daring to dress up in for that Christmas party, the onesie boom has been massive this year and Christmas isn’t the time to be missing out!

Santa Onesie For Women

Santa Claus Onesie







Santa Onesies For Babies

For the ultimate baby onesie at Christmas time, who wouldn’t want their toddler dressed up in this bonnie Santa’s outfit when friends and family come visiting? Footed baby Santa Onesies are all the rage this year – but they’re practical as well as showy! They’ll keep the little’un warm and toasty while being practical in terms of that quick nappy change and versatile whether they’re awake or having that Christmas nap!

Santa Onesie For babies

Baby Santa Onesie

Reindeer Onesies For The Kids

For the slightly older children who want to get into the festive onesie mood, may I suggest something along the lines of these snazzy reindeer onesies. They’ll have to fight it out over who’s going to be Rudolph, Dasher or Blitzen but at least they’ll have fun doing it!

Reindeer onesies for kids and adults

Reindeer Onesies

Christmas Fancy Dress Onesies

If it’s a Fancy Dress Christmas party that you’re looking out for an outfit for here’s a selection of ideas to keep in mind. How about a snowman onesie? You can get snowman onesies, but often a better effect is attained by simply buying a snowman costume like this one:

Snowman onesie

Snowman Costume

This can make the ultimate Xmas fancy dress costume without spending a fortune and whilst keeping things relatively simple and practical.

Or you could go as a Christmas Elf – or better still – one of Santa’s little helpers. We all know that sexy little elves are all the rage at Fancy Dress parties so why not incorporate this classic into your Christmas party attire?

Santa's Helper

Elf Costume

There are a ton of ideas for a Christmas dressing up party that don’t have to be the usual Santa or Miss Santa. Here’s a couple of cracking costumes that will make you the life and soul of any Christmas party. How about a life-sized Christmas cracker (you might just pull):

Christmas Cracker Costume

Cracker Costume


Or you could simply go in a Christmas Tree Onesie:

Christmas Tree Costume

Christmas Tree Onesie


Or why not a Christmas Pudding Costume? You won’t have to feel like one – the size and structure of this costume will hide even the most serious of over-indulgence!

Christmas pudding costume

Christmas Pudding Onesie


Christmas Onesie For Dogs

Don’t forget that canine member of the family. No Christmas is complete without a little something for the dog to wear, so why not go all out and instead of putting tinsel on his coat this year, wrap the dog up in a cute Santa Dog onesie or costume. There are a number to choose from and he’ll be fussed over more than ever!

Christmas Dog Costumes

Santa Onesie For Dogs




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