Camo Onesie Deals in The UK

by Admin on 02/07/2014

It’s not often you get a cheap camo onesie bargain in the UK in this day and age, especially in the UK where the economy has been pretty dire lately but things are looking up!

Camo Onesie Deals in the UK

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Camo onesie deals are out there as long as you know where to look. Here’s a ton of reasons why camouflage onesies can look stylish whether on a man or a woman and kid’s are loving them too as they can now play Toy Soldiers and look the part.

Camo Onesie for Women

Ladies Camo Onesie

Although it’s usually the realm of men, dressing up as soldiers in a camouflage onesie is a hot trend this year. Perhaps as everybody goes out looking for something a bit different from the norm and the usual animal onesies, camouflage onesies for women and men seem to have taken off in a big way.

As we’ve all seen on the high street, at festivals and parties and even in our own homes the ubiquitous hooded zip-up onesie had grown steadily in popularity, especially since celebrities started donning them out in the open. And themed onesies, like action-man or toy soldier style onesies are no exception.

As the celebrities compete to come up with more and more outrageous attire to shock their way into the public eye, many are finding that traditional patterns are getting a re-birth thanks to this new fad in all-in-one jumpsuits and pyjamas.

These suits are also a great way to dress up kids and babies as both boys and girls alike love to play soldiers when they’re at home or out at friends’ homes. With the disruptive pattern material based on traditional soldier’s uniforms, these onesies look just the part whether it’s an outdoor play activity or just something hard wearing to wear around the house. Couples have also taken to the camo onesie. What is it about a man in uniform, or a woman for that matter? Who knows? All I know is that in 2013 especially these zip-ups are literally flying off the shelves in the UK’s High Streets.

Many of the camouflage onesies come with hoodies although there are also plenty available with traditional army jacket collars. Onesies are usually baggy items and suitable for all sizes and ages including the more difficult to find plus size for women.

Camouflage Onesie Deals

Like many onesies, camouflage onesies are being adopted by women as an alternative and hip fashion statement that departs from the usual pinks, pastels and summery shades expected of them. However, don’t go thinking that your Action Man won’t be interested. Camouflage onesies for men are also highly sought after and if you thought that his and hers matching camouflage costumes would be going too far, you need to think again!

Think of yourselves as Action Man and GI Jane!

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Camouflage onesies are super soft and make fantastic warm sleep suits or pyjamas for any cold winter’s night, plus they make great novelty or fancy dress attire for parties and festivals. As adaptable as any soldier out in the field, Camo onesies might just be for you.

Rihanna in A Camo Onesie Video!

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