Animal Onesies Still Incredibly Popular in 2015

by Admin on 24/05/2015

So we all thought that the fad back at the tail end of 2012 – for garish animal onesies – was just that – a fad.

Nearly 3 years down the line and the concept of dressing up in cuddly animal pyjamas is not going away. It doesn’t seem to matter that a portion of Cosplay enthusiasts got into Kigu in a big way, nor does it matter that a few bands such as “One Direction” seemed to steal all the limelight with their own versions for fans.

The idea of dressing up as human-shaped, life-sized animals has crossed over from the toddlers’ bedroom into the realms of the lounge (it’s almost become synonymous with slippers) and has even seen us venturing outside into town on Friday and Saturday nights at stag and hen parties or just for the sheer heck of it.

Take a glance at the Google Trends graph and you’ll see that the animal onesie is here for the long haul. OK, from a dramatic rise in popularity towards Christmas of 2012, the trend has dwindled slightly but year upon year since, the animal onesie has appeared on the Christmas list without fail.

Animal Onesie Trends 2015

Onesie Trends 2015


Indeed, the onesie is not seen solely as a Christmas present. From September onwards, at least in this part of the hemisphere, winter drawing in has crowds of adults, teens and kids again out searching for a warm, snuggly all-in-one suit to see them through the winter.


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