5 Most Popular Onesies For Adults

by Admin on 29/10/2014

The onesie phenomenon is still with us despite being here for a couple of years and despite all the naysayers saying it would be a passing fad. There’s definitely a dip on the peak interest since the year 2012’s craziness but the definite trend around winter and Christmas as seen in this graph from Google Trends is still undeniable and it’s on the rise again this October.

Onesie Popularity 2014

Onesie Trends in 2014



And still, amongst all the pyjamas / all-in-ones that adults are buying, the classic animal ones are still the most popular ones by a long shot.

There are some quality non-animal onesies around that are made up of nice patterns, zigzags, stripes, paisley, Aztec and Scandinavian style onesies that are still incredibly popular. If you’re looking for a more classic onesie that does not invoke the stag party / hen party type of emotions as the animal ones do then have a look at these ones available from Boohoo. They know style when they see it and they’re still incredibly cheap at around £20. Check out these smart, stylish onesies here.

Having been in this onesie business for the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that the price of onesies tends to skyrocket right before Christmas, so if you’re thinking of getting one as a present for your kids or your other half, I’d get in early if I were you. You can expect to add a tenner onto the current prices as we head though November into December. Also, there’s more chance right now that what you want will be in stock.

So despite any negativity you might hear from some quarters – those who think they might have their fingers on the fashion trends pulse – the stats show the truth. Onesies are still massively popular and animal onesies, incredibly so.

The Most Popular Animal Onesies

So what are the most popular adult animal onesies that people are looking for to keep them warm this year?

It seems that some of the more exotic animals are out and the old classics and favourites are back in. We’re kind of back to where we started two or three years ago in terms of what people want to dress up as this winter in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

The top 5 most popular onesie that I’m seeing through verifiable sales and statistics are as follows when it comes to adult animal onesies:

Cow, Bear, Penguin, Giraffe, Panda.

Of course, to some degree, it depends on what the website or outlet is concentrating on in terms of promoting but these 5 continue to see the best sales month after month.

The next set of best-selling onesies that I’m seeing in the more, what I would call, ‘exotic’ or “character” range are Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, Unicorns, Dogs, Cats and Dinosaurs. Also general Christmas themed onesies come right into the mix, obviously, when we’re talking about these build-up months to Christmas. I’d have to say, though, that most of the animal onesies (when you take out those being bought specifically for stag nights) are being bought by or for women and kids. When it comes to onesies for men, we generally see the statistics revert more to the classical non-animal designs.

Onesies for Men

I don’t know if the men are becoming more uncomfortable with the idea of wearing an animal onesie or if they see them as being rather feminine or childish, but there definitely seems to be a trend, especially in 2014 for the men to be more interested in the classic styles of Aztec or Scandi print onesies. I suppose they can still kind of pass these off as trendy to some degree rather than novelty, but there’s definitely been a downtick in the amount of men I saw out in public in onesies this year. What they’re doing in their own homes, though, under the “guiding” influence of their wives and girlfriends could be another matter. According to web search figures, “Onesies for men” is still a highly sought out term in the search engines and I’m absolutely sure these ladies are still snapping them up for their men in droves!


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