Hello Kitty Onesies and Pyjamas

by Admin on 18/05/2013

Hello Kitty Onesie

Women's Hello Kitty Onesies

Hello Kitty Onesie

If you or your child is into Hello Kitty, there’s nothing much cuter out there than a Hello Kitty Onesie. This distinctly pink onesie with Hello Kitty motif will be the envy of Hello Kitty lovers everywhere. Keeping warm but casual around the house doesn’t mean you have to wear those old jogging bottoms and gnarled old jumper. Why not add a little class to proceedings and go all cutesy kitty.Hello Kitty has become an idol since her inception by Yuko Shimizu back in 1974. While then just starting out as a character on a purse, she has become an international star and features in her own anime cartoons, video games and as the iconic character on a whole wealth of clothing and fashion accessories. And now you can be the proud owner of a Hello Kitty snugsuit.

Hello Kitty Onesie for Adults

Originally marketed to children, the adorable phenomenon has now also become a favourite among adults and adult women cannot resist showing off the famous white bobcat on everything they own from laptops to mobile phone covers and now through their wardrobes. A favourite present for wives and girlfriends, you’ll need to be aware that these onesies fit loose. Onesies are generally baggy for comfort and these are no exception. Some women have complained that their Hello Kitty onesies have not fit so well, but you’ll have to be careful to buy the right size. Don’t go sizes bigger because you think you need to create that baggy effect. You won’t necessarily need to buy a huge all-in-one even if you’re plus size. Some women have even said that they’ve bought a size down and then the onesie has looked right. It all depends on how snug you want it to fit.

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Hello Kitty Onesie for Kids

Hello Kitty onesie for girls

Girl’s Hello Kitty Onesie

If your little girl is constantly going on about wanting to own a Hello Kitty onesie , you can probably understand why. Her friends probably have them and I bet that they’re rarely out of these comfy jumpsuits. I know a girl that puts it on when she gets home from school and doesn’t take it off until the next morning. It only ever really gets any respite when it’s time for the washing machine. Onesies do have this addictive quality. Once you tried one on you’ll never be out of it!

Hello Kitty Pyjamas and Dressing Gowns

If you’re not the onesie type (why not!?) then you can still sport the Hello Kitty mascot on other items of night wear and bedtime attire. Hello kitty pyjamas make a great addition to any girls’ wardrobe. Hello Kitty pyjamas for women are also not just for your kids. Many adult women are snapping up these cute jimjams and can’t resist finishing the outfit with Hello Kitty dressing gowns and slippers. If going to go Kitty then you might as well go the whole hog, right?


Hello Kitty Kigu Onesie

This one is pretty special and is suitable for lazing around at home. But why leave it there? Many ladies are getting out and about in these Hello Kitty Kigurumi all-in-ones whether it be for a hen party, at a fancy dress party or even at this summer’s festivals. You’ll be sure to stand out in this outstanding pink Hello Kitty costume whatever the occasion. In a variety of styles, these comes with cute white bobcat ears on the hoody and Hello Kitty cute cat face with the iconic red bow in its hair.

Cute Kigu

Hello Kitty Kigu

Costume Kigurumi Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Costume

Black Hello Kitty Onesie

Hello Kitty Black Onesie









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Hello Kitty Gone Wild Video in A Onesie


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