Which Onesie To Choose for My Boyfriend?

by Admin on 27/11/2013

Animal, Camo or Flag? Which Onesie For My Boyfriend?

So here comes possibly the hardest question of the year! With Christmas rolling ever closer it’s time to start thinking about boyfriend presents. Maybe he’s shown an interest in onesies earlier in the year when they were everywhere at the festivals – or maybe he’s seen them being worn out in the street, out clubbing or on a stag do. If he’s shown interest in a onesie and you’re determined to get him one – which onesie should you go for for your boyfriend?

First off, there are some stylish onesies out there like the camouflage onesies which are perfect to get that soldier look on your fella. Because they also show a bit of edge and macho, he’s more likely to get suited and booted into this than some fluffy penguin onesie! So, if you fancy your man as a bit of an action man and he’s willing to go with the whole all-in-one theme then this could be a great place to start.

USA Flag onesies are pretty popular at the moment, too. Or any flag of his choice, basically. There are many sports clubs out there now that do onesies in their own colours so he can now show his allegiance to club or country in his chosen field. If it’s an iconic onesie that you’re after, though, the American Flag onesie is pretty de rigueur at the mo.

Scandinavian or Aztec print onesies are also a good shout if you want to choose a onesie that your boyfriend is likely to actually wear. Again, they might not have that cutesy stigma of the animal onesies that he’s so set against, and they can look pretty solid! It’s all about comfort over style with a onesie anyway, let’s face it – he’s not all that likely to be wearing it outside of the house. Even so, he wants to be chilling in something that looks good and the zigzag patterned and Aztec style colours of these kinds of onesies are pretty awesome.

Check out a couple of the stylish boyfriend onesies at Boohoo. They probably do some of the best quality onesies for men out there at the cheapest prices. And their shipping is also cheap and quick, especially to the UK.

OK – so *REALLY* you want to dress him up as an animal! Maybe it’s the Tiger in him that you want to unleash or you just want to see him (in your own private time, of course) dressed up as a cuddly giraffe, penguin or panda! This is all OK! He’ll eventually come around to it once he’s felt the luxurious softness and warmth that getting inside one of these animal costumes can generate. It’s been known for the blokes to fall so in love with their onesies that they cannot live outside of them once inside the privacy of their own homes. Heck, many have taken to roaming the streets all animalled-up for nights out with the boys!

If you want to find the cheapest quality animal onesies, check out the animal gallery and make your choice – click through for a variety of different style and sized animal onesies in the species of your choice.

And never let him forget. An animal onesie is not just for Christmas! If you’re trying to decide which animal onesie to get your boyfriend for Christmas, make sure that it’s something that reflects his character in some way. He’s much more likely to feel at home in it than if you just chose what you would like him to be wearing.

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