Welsh Dragon Onesie

by Admin on 31/10/2016

Welsh Dragon Onesie


There’s nothing better than being passionate about where you come from and I’m sure there’s a lot of Welsh people out there that would love to sport a Welsh Dragon Onesie if they got the chance.

Wales Onesie

Welsh Dragon Onesie

I’ve seen guys wearing these at football matches and rugby games supporting the Wales National Sides. I’ve also seen them simply out in Cardiff City Centre wearing their red dragon onesies with pride after sporting events or simply while out on a stag do.

There are few different designs to pick from if supporting the Welsh Flag is what you want to do while snuggling up in a onesie.

Some of the best designs are those that make the whole flag into a onesie, but there are some more subtle Wales onesies that simply have the logo on them or splash the logo repeatedly around the onesie.

One of the things to look out for one onesies is the quality of stitching and seams, also pay careful attention around the zip area. Also the quality of zips on some of the cheap onesies leaves a lot to be desired.

Grab Your Favourite Wales Flag Dragon Onesie Here

With the crazy interest in dragons in general from the Lord of The Rings franchise and Game of Thrones, a Welsh Dragon onesie in the Welsh flag colours is a must buy for any passionate Welshman or woman.

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