Superman Onesie

by Admin on 31/07/2013

Superman Onesie

Hooded superman onesie for men and ladies

Hooded Superman Onesie

Of all the superheroes, Superman is perhaps the most iconic – and he’s also the inspiration behind the next generation of super hero onesies – the Superman Onesie!Men and ladies, girls and boys alike have grown to love the Man of Steel and his fight for justice the world over. If you really want to emulate the son of Krypton, you’d do well to get yourself one of these zip-up hooded all-in-one Superman jumpsuits. Fantastic for kids as exciting bedtime pyjamas or simply for flying around the house on a mission for the greater good, these blue, red and white costumes come with the iconic Superman “S” symbol emblazoned on the front in classic yellow and red.

Ideal for lazing around at home, the Superman onesie has also become incredibly popular as a party item or costume for stag and hen night. Just add a cape for a fun-filled superhero theme night or add boots if you’re going to one of this year’s music festivals!

The Superman onesie usually comes as a zip-up and will often, but not always, incorporate a hood. Personally, I think the hooded Supes onesies are more stylish – of course, Clark Kent wouldn’t be seen dead in a hoodie, but today’s youth would have a different take on that! Plus, onesies are supposed to keep you warm, so I see nothing wrong with incorporating a snug hood into the design.

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They’re also available for adults or juniors, and all sizes from the smallest baby Superman onesies through up to XL or plus size superman suits. There’s no excuse really, no matter whom you want to buy a superman onesie for – there will be a size to suit at a price which is right.

Make sure also that you choose the right quality of onesie for your needs. It’s all very well trying to find the cheapest Superman onesie online but if the quality is not good it’s not going to last, especially if you plan to give it as a present to an active child who’s going to spend all their time playing in it oour if it’s for an adult who’ll need to get through the wear and tear that a festival might bring. Obviously, you’ll get away with a cheaper onesie if you just plan to wear it around the house or to sleep in but at the same time who wants a cheap, flimsy looking onesie anyway? At the very least you should ensure that it is fully machine washable and not going to fall apart after a few wears.

Next time you hear the phrase “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? You’ll probably be on the receiving end of the call with your Superman onesie, standing tall as a beacon of hope to all 🙂 If you’re looking for more patriotic onesies – check out the US Stars and Stripes Onesies Here


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