Star Trek Onesies and Pyjamas

by Admin on 23/01/2017

Any self-respecting trekkie will want to tuck up to bed (or simply lounge around the house) in these Star Trek onesies. If you’re a budding Captain Kirk, or Jean-Luc Picard, these Star Trek pyjamas or all-in-ones will be fun for bedtime or just sitting around playing your favourite Star Trek episodes or Star Trek Online.

And these onesies are being snapped up in equal numbers by girls who identify with the classic sci-fi series, so it’s not just a fad for the men and boys.

Grab Your Star Trek Onesie Here

If Star-Trekkin across the universe in a smart, sci-fi chic, baggy and cosy pocketed onesie is what you have always dreamed of, then why not “Make it so!”.

Coming in classic Federation colours: Science Officer Blue, Operations Officer Gold or Command Division Red there’s something for every Starfleet cadet here.

Although Start Trek uniform onesies should be baggy, be careful of the size you choose. As these are made slightly oversized, don’t go a size up unless you want an extra baggy onesie. These are good quality onesies with fleecy insides that don’t bobble like some cheap onesies, so you can rest assured on the quality that you are getting here.

Officer Star Trek Onesie

Gold Star Trek Onesie Uniform


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