Skeleton Onesie for a Halloween Party

by Admin on 02/10/2016

So you need a quick idea for Halloween, something that the whole family could do, perhaps? How about all of you donning a skeleton onesie? Dem bones dem bones gonna walk around!

Skeleton onesies halloween

Skeleton Onesies

Grab Best Priced Skeleton Onesies Here

Seriously, these skeleton onesies won’t set you back too much more than a tenner each and they are pretty much the full costume – ready and complete with no fuss. I suppose you could pick up some skeleton masks or just some face paints to add that ghoulish look to your faces. Over at Amazon, you’ll be able to pick up skeleton onesies for kids, adults and even a baby skeleton onesie so that you can all arrive at the party suitably attired.

Glow In The Dark!

Even better, how about a skeleton onesie that glows in the dark? These onesie suits are awesome fun for kids and adults alike. Don’t worry too much about size, as they are designed to be baggy. If your daughter wants something a bit nicer than the classic black and white skeleton suits, then you can also get these glow in the dark onesies in Pink or Blue.

pink skeleton onesie

Pink Glow In The Dark Skeleton Onesie

Some of these glow in the dark skeleton costumes come also with other Halloween style illustrations incorporated into the design, such as black cats, witches, bats and spiders, for a real spooky feel, or just the classic bones suits which are pretty cool anyway, even outside of the festive ghoulish season.

Whatever type of skeleton onesie you choose for your kids or yourselves (yes they will do adult skeleton onesies, too) these are classic warm and stylish onesies that can be worn with good amusement outside of Halloween, simply as loungewear or for bedtime.

Grab Best Priced Skeleton Onesies Here

Skeleton Morphsuit

If you fancy paying a little more and you want to scare people to death, you could always try a skeleton morphsuit. These spandex full body suits are not quite like onesies as they are body-hugging garments that also fit right over your head and face, but they sure are scary and effective.

Buying a skeleton onesie doesn’t just have to be for Halloween, as a onesie will last for ages and is suitable for all year round.

Skeleton Morphsuit Glow in Dark

Skeleton Morphsuit Glow in Dark

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