Sci-Fi Adopts the Onesie – Dr Who Tardis and R2D2 Onesies

by Admin on 16/08/2013

So there have been a couple of developments on the onesie front that I’ve been keeping a beady eye on this week. Both of which have involved something very close to my heart; Sci-fi.

tardis onesie pyjamas for men

Tardis Onesie Pyjamas

Throwing the art of the onesie into the realm of sci-fi isn’t exactly original thinking. There has been a dearth of Superhero and Anime inspired all-in-one designs over the past couple of years. Superman, Spiderman, Batman as well as all the Pikachu and other fan-based fantasy designs coming out of Japan in the Kigu / Cosplay scene have found pride of place in the onesie market. I’ve seen Predator, Alien and Trekkie onesies touted around on CafePress, but nothing with any real meat hitting the high street. These have usually consisted of quick-print baby rompers – something akin to the kinds of mugs or party T-shirts you might find on there. Cheap and cheerful, but will probably be destroyed on the first wash.

Kids have continued to love onesie monsters and animal characters of all sorts, of course, including all the characters from Winnie the Pooh, Pokemon right the way through to The Mutant Ninja turtles with Hello Kitty and other fictional icons devoured along the way. Dragon and monster shapes have been snapped up by parents whose children wanted something of this genre, but have had to be disappointed with the range on offer.

But now, is it… at last… the turn of proper science fiction, to start throwing some of its favourite characters into the ring to be doused with the onesie treatment? For example, the Star Trek Onesie ?

First out of the starting blocks was a Tardis onesie. More aligned with geekdom than the latest children’s party, but what if that party was a Dr. Who party? A child turning up in a TARDIS onesie would steal the show, currently. For now, many Dr Who fanboy and girls (probably in their 30s+) will want to pick up this gem. Where is the kids’ model in time and space?


star wars onesies

Star Wars Onesies

Likewise, there’s a sniff of an R2-D2 onesie out there. It’s basically a poor man’s printed white onesie with some computer-style graphics designed into it to make it look like the intricate panels, hatches, tech-tiles and embossed drone get-up that any droid would be proud of. I’m surprised it’s come so late and I’m surprised the job hasn’t been better managed, stylistically. I guess they’re waiting for the next bunch of films in the franchise supposedly to come out of the Disney shed. I understand that there must be copyright issues, but imagine the carnage in Primark if a walking, talking, shaggy-haired, shiny nosed, ammo-belted Chewy Wookie onesie came out. Chewbacca would roll in his grave. The Millennium Falcon would roll in the valleys of the Death Star.

Dr Who and Star Wars should have been prime targets for onesies. I’m surprised the franchise owners haven’t released licenses until this late, to be honest. But now they’re here, expect to see a Wookie onesie or a Dr Who Scarf endowed onesie near you soon!


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