Polka Dot Pink Minnie Mouse Onesie

by Admin on 14/08/2013

Polka Dot Pink Minnie Mouse Onesie

Mouse onesies are all the rage. Girls can’t get enough of these cute creatures and some of the most popular styles are the pink Minnie mouse onesie or the adorable polka dot mouse onesie for girls and women. OK, the boys could wear these but they’d probably rather adopt the grey mouse which has a little more of a masculine feel to it.

What is it about the mouse that makes it so attractive in the form of a onesie? Well, of course, the first word that comes to mind is ‘cute’. These are cute and cuddly little creatures, sometimes timid but often with a wily streak in them. You only need to look at Tom and Jerry for the potential for a little mouse naughtiness!

Minnie mouse onesies, of course, are incredibly popular as the Disney icon has its own place in the hearts and minds of millions of kids and even those of us who have now grown up. There are some stylish onesies available for the grown-ups that mimic the effect of a Minnie mouse onesie without going the whole Disney route.

Ladies Nicola Polka Dot Bow Mouse Onesie

Polka dot mouse onesie for girls

Polka Dot Mouse Onesie

Check out the Nicola polka dot Bow mouse onesie available at Boohoo for example. Available in sizes from 8 to 16, this super soft and comfortable design looks stunning on both larger and smaller ladies with sizes to suit and will keep you snug in the winter months. Black hood and red polka dot bow ears give that Minnie Mouse effect without looking too childish. This one is hot and selling very fast. Fantastic Ladies Onesies @ BooHoo Click Here!

Girls Pink Minnie Mouse Onesie

Girls Minnie Mouse Onesie

Girls Pink Minnie Mouse Onesie

For younger girls and children, they’re not going to be able to resist the classic pink Minnie Mouse onesie suit. Suitable for all ages from 2 to 13, this item is of luxuriously cosy sherpa fleece and comes with Minnie Mouse black ears and pink and white polka dot hair bow. There are also mini bows and ears on the cute feet and rubber grips on the soles. The official Minnie Disney logo finishes this all-in-one perfectly and makes it the ideal present for lounging around or sleeping in as pyjamas.

Pink Mouse Kigurumi Onesie

Mouse onesie

Classic Kigu Mouse Onesie

If the Japanese style kigurumi character onesies are more your thing then there is a truly awesome mouse version available for you in pink, grey and blue colours. Check out the different varieties, sizes and prices at Amazon via the link below. Here you’ll find a mouse onesie (including minnie mouse onesies for babies and girls) suitable for most ages and with a great choice of prices from the very cheap onesies to the best quality, more expensive deluxe ones.   More Classic Mouse Onesies @ Amazon – Click Here For Bargains!  

You Can Check Out A Mini Mouse Onesie On Video Here:

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