Baby Animal Onesies and Rompers

by Admin on 26/05/2013

Baby Animal Onesies and Rompers

Animal Onesies for babies

Baby Animal Onesie

There’s nothing much cuter than a baby or small toddler in an animal onesie. There are all kinds of rompers to choose from but the main point of all of them is that they are warm and cosy. Of course, they look fantastic, too. Baby animal onesies have become increasingly sought after, especially since adults started wearing them too. Baby onesies were the originator, after all – it’s only recently that adults started dressing up in what are essentially over-sized rompers and playsuits.When it comes to choosing a baby animal onesie you might want to go the whole way and opt for one of those animal suits with hooded face, ears, tail and other appendages. There are a great range of smart-looking animal onesies for babies out there that are based on the kigurumi animal character style. So, if you want your little one to be dressed as a lion, a tiger or a dog, there’s plenty around to choose from.

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If, on the other hand, you’d rather not get into the whole animal character thing and prefer something a little more subtle, animal print rompers or onesies might be more your thing. Tortoises, lions, bears and giraffes seem to be some of the most popular animal rompers, but they range through teddy bears and other kid’s characters. These are generally unisex and these allovers are usually made of soft velour, fleece or velvety materials.

Baby Rompers with Animal Designs

designer baby onesies and rompers

Designer Baby Rompers

Some baby rompers that incorporate animal prints in their themes come with embroidered designs. Others have the pattern repeated all over the romper. These colourful animal rompers are delightfully playful and fun. If your baby is starting to learn about animals in picture books and jigsaw puzzles, they’ll start to identify with them on their clothes, so it’s also a great way to keep those associations going.If you’re after something a little more designer, there are some awesome short sleeve animal rompers for babies that come in bright colours. Created by famous baby clothes design house Tutto Piccolo, dressing your baby up in one of these creations will make your baby impossible to ignore – as if they weren’t already!

Of course, we don’t all require that our babies are dressed in designer clothes to make them look good. There are plenty of cheaper animal rompers on the market that are just as fashionable, great-looking and comfortable. Colourful characters like ducks and bees and other animal print rompers will make your child smile – and the parents, too, if you choose something like this as a gift.

Cheap Baby Rompers

cheap animal print rompers

Animal Print Rompers

As discussed previously, your baby doesn’t really need designer clothes to make them stand out and look great whenever they are out and about with you, or indeed, just in the home. There are plenty of cheap baby rompers available that look superb and are of great quality. For even five or six pounds you can pick up some cool animal print onesies for your baby that are both practical and stylish. Easily machine washable is, of course, essential when choosing your baby romper suit and they must be hard-wearing. You don’t want holes appearing in the knee after 5 minutes of crawling around!For the older kids, you could try one of the trendy Aztec print onesies or a stylish animal suit.


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