Unicorn Onesie for Adults and Kids

by Admin on 13/07/2013

Unicorn Onesies

Unicorn Onesie

Pink Unicorn Onesie

If you’ve been searching high and low for a magical unicorn onesies, both for adults or kids, then you need look no further. Unicorns are, of course, fabulous beasts of magic and mythical worlds and there’s no shortage of people wanting to live out their unicorn fantasies at home, in the street or wherever takes their fancy.The popularity of unicorn onesies is incredible, partly due to the mythological creature’s appearance in all kinds of fantasy novels, movies, TV series and Cartoons. Harry Potter and the Narnia movies are just two examples of where these beautiful horned horses are featured as gentle, mysterious and altogether wild creatures of legend.

Grab Your Fab Unicorn Onesie Here

With the Kigurumi craze being all about dressing up in animal costumes and its close ties to the cosplay, anime and manga scenes, it’s not surprising that magical animals such as unicorns are featuring as some of the most popular furry all-in-ones.

Pink and Blue Unicorn Onesies for Adults

Unicorn onesies for adults come in two colours, usually; pastel pink and blue. They are available for all sizes of adults and make a warm and snug jumpsuit that is ideal for cosying up at home in. Although they’re incredibly popular with the ladies, I know a few men who have secretly coveted their unicorn onesies – actually, they blatantly come out in the open wearing them, now, especially on the festival scene. That slight shying away by men in onesies that happened a couple of years ago is no longer a problem. They’re just as popular with both men and women nowadays. Miley Cyrus, of course, recently famously twerked in her unicorn onesie – check out the video here:

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