The Most Popular Animal Onesies

by Admin on 13/11/2013

Some of the most popular animal onesies might come as a bit of a surprise to you. It’s difficult to judge the criteria by which people choose the animal onesie that is right for them – or as a gift for another person, as there are so many factors involved. More often than not it simply comes down to what their favourite animal might be in the first place. If somebody has a penchant for penguins, pandas or giraffes, then it stands to reason that this is what they are going to go for when it comes to choosing a onesie that they’ll be comfortable in.

That being said, people have all sorts of reasons for picking out one particular animal onesie over another. It might simply come down to the look or feel of an item that they have either seen an image of online or have seen somebody else wearing. It may be that they saw a celebrity wearing a onesie and that stuck with them. There does seem to be a kind of connection with fans and their idols wearing onesies that runs through from Miley Cyrus and her Unicorn Onesie antics to One Direction and their own onesie shenanigans. I’m pretty sure these types of media-fuelled shoots and stories have been behind many of the reasons why some, especially teenagers, have gone after one particular onesie type rather than another.

Back to the popular animal or favourite animal thing, it doesn’t necessarily ring true that people would choose their favourite animal as a reason for going after that style in their chosen onesie. As always, with fashion and trends, there’s always an element of not wanting to go with the herd mentality. If everybody and their dog is going for a lion onesie, for example, then that is plenty reason enough for many others not to go down the same route. People, again, especially fashion sensitive teens and older children, often want to pick out something unusual and not run-of-the-mill. This is where the great plethora of choice in animal onesies comes into play and why the manufacturers have gone the distance when it comes to providing as much variation as possible when it comes to animal and character all-in-ones. Indeed, there are a number of companies out there that specialise in bespoke or tailor-made onesies to serve this exact market. Check out The All In One Company, for example.

From this site’s experience, the most popular onesies are cows, lions and pandas. Penguins and giraffes come in a close second pack followed by cats and dogs. Amongst older women, they tend to go for animal print onesies more so than the out and out animal suits, like leopard print or designs with cute animal motifs on them. Amongst boys we find crocodiles, dragons and dinosaurs popular. As for the men – it’s unfortunately pretty much what the lady wants to dress them up in, although if they get their own choice in the matter at all they tend to opt for something a little more stylish and go for a camouflage or country flag onesie rather than the cutesy, cuddly animal ones.


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