Skiing In Animal Onesies

by Admin on 10/08/2013

It’s become almost a tradition nowadays for clubs, Uni societies and groups of friends to go skiing in onesies. I don’t know why it has become so popular. I suppose it’s pretty amusing to see a whole host of animals zipping past you down the red run at speed – or seeing that giraffe wipe out into the deep stuff.

Skiing Onesies

Skiing In Animal Onesies

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Superhero onesies also appear to be popular on the ski slopes of Europe and America this year. I suppose the onesie in itself is not far off the old all-in-one skiing suits that we all used to wear anyway, so why not liven them up a bit? Seeing the Caped Crusader or Superman catching the ski lift does add a little jollity to proceedings, after all, although one might be forgiven for thinking they are seeing things after a heavy night of après ski.

So what are the best onesies to go skiing in and what are the pitfalls? Well, for one, I’d not suggest a newbie skier goes down this route. Onesies, at least the conventional ones, tend not to be waterproof and you’re likely to end up wet and shivering if that’s your only form of protection from wind, rain and snow out on the slopes. On the flip-side, animal onesies and character onesies are usually baggy enough that you could probably fit them over the top of your normal skiing outfit. Again, though, I’d not suggest this for newbies who might find the physical exertion of being new to skiing leaves them hot, exhausted and prone to hyperthermia if encapsulated in a big furry lion suit.

No, I’d personally not recommend hitting the slopes in one of the more exuberant animal onesies unless you’re already pretty confident about your own ability at skiing or snowboarding and it’s not going to compromise your safety. That said, there is a whole lot of fun to be had in dressing up and skiing, fast-paced, in animal costumes as can be attested to in the following video of 24 skiers dressed as Tigers:

If you’d prefer something a little more conventional and, perhaps, safer in terms of protection and temperature regulation you can check out these fabulous skiing onesies at Amazon.

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