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by Admin on 13/11/2013

Best Price Rabbit Onesie


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With all the animal onesies out there currently it was nice to find something a bit more out of the ordinary away from the usual Lions and Pandas! And what could to be closer to any little girl’s heart than a rabbit or fluffy bunny. Even the mums and older teens out there will be able to associate with the cute cuddliness of cradling that rabbit that you had as a pet in your arms. Who can forget the twitching of the little whiskers, the bob tail and the big floppy ears, never mind those adorable little bundles of joy that were baby bunnies.


kids rabbit bunny onesies

Kid’s Rabbit Onesies



rabbit onesie for adults

Adult’s Rabbit Onesie







Rabbit onesies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so as usual; there’ll be one out there suitable for anyone of any age and in a variety of colours and styles. Amazon have a few decent rabbit onesies and at extremely reasonable prices in pink, grey and brown and they also have them in the Kigu or Japanese anime style. I’ve seen, felt and worn a load of onesies from Amazon and I’ve always been amazed at the quality that I’ve received that I didn’t necessarily expect. Of course, as everybody knows, they are a trusted site with fast and cheap UK delivery (next day if necessary) and impeccable customer service standards so you’ll always be safe to go with a product bought from there. There are pricier options on there, of course, although some of the better quality rabbit onesies perhaps should be sought elsewhere.

Boohoo do a couple of great rabbit onesies ranging in size from UK 8 to 14 or USA sizes 4 to 10. They are both pink, and one of them is more decorated and bunny-looking with rabbit eyes, floppy ears, white bunny tail and white chest and cuffs. This comes in machine-washable polyester and looks a treat. The other one is less rabbit like although it does include large floppy rabbit ears and this one is towelling.

Rabbit onesie style

Stylish Adult Rabbit










If you want your kids to look like a scene from Watership Down (a happy scene!) or you remember your love for rabbits as a child and want to relive some of that in a playful way down the rabbit-hole like Alice in Wonderland in your adulthood, then give a rabbit onesie a try. They’re not as popular or obvious as some of the other animal onesies around, but they’re just as cute and bound to bring a smile to anybody’s face that sees you in one.

Here’s a Youtube video of Kaima Chameleon doing Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine – gives you a little bit of a closer view of a Kigu style grey rabbit onesie! And an awesome rendition!



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