Husky Dog Onesie

by Admin on 31/10/2016

What better way to wrap up warm for the cold winter’s evenings than in a furry hooded husky dog onesie.
Those white and gray husky dogs are so cosy looking – they are basically great big furballs!

Husky Dog Onesie

Husky Onesie

There isn’t a lot of difference when it comes to husky dog onesies or wolf onesies, although the wolf ones tend to be greyer and I’ve seen a few white husky ones about.

Best Husky Onesie Prices Right Here

I’ve seen them come in all sizes from small child sizes for boys and girls right up to adult and even a plus sized husky onesie.

There are also a variety of styles out there now including those with full furry hoods or just the pullover hood type with a cute husky dog face on it.

Like many animal onesies they can also come with a husky dog tail or the more basic ones are tailless.
No matter which kind of husky onesie you want, you are guaranteed to be kept warm and snug this winter in almost any kind of animal onesie.

A lot of the onesie makers are also using user feedback and providing XL large sizes for those of us that are bigger sized adults.

I know we don’t get much in the UK (unless you are up in the mountains of Scotland) but imagine donning your Husky Onesie when it’s all snowy outside.

These would make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone that loves dogs or wolves.

As usual, these onesies come in snuggly fleece material and are 100% machine washable.

The Men’s Husky Onesie comes right down to the foot with elasticated ankles and zips up the front and has pull-string hoody.

From sizes including small, medium, large, extra large and Extra Extra Large (XXL) there is something to fit every size of man in your household.

There is also a lighter, more white coloured Husky Onesie available for Ladies – Check out the best prices at the link below:

Ladies Husky Dog Onesie

Ladies Husky Onesie

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