Giraffe Onesie

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Giraffe Onesie

giraffe onesies for kids, men and women

Giraffe Onesie

Who wouldn’t want to own a giraffe onesie? With its distinctive long neck, long legs, swishing tail and docile face these doe-eyed vegetarians have a grace and elegance that is unequalled in the animal kingdom. Onesie giraffes come, as you’d expect, in an orange and tan print of various shades and they are truly super furry animals. If you need a fleecy, cuddly animal costume to keep warm on frosty evenings then you’ll love these machine washable giraffe onesies that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.Buying an animal onesie requires care. There are many giraffe pattern pyjamas and all-in-ones out there but you should weigh up what you’re going to want it for. If you’re just in the mood for lazing on the sofa in front of the television, a simple giraffe print pyjama might be all you require. If, on the other hand, you feel more in the party spirit or in the mood for a bit of fun you might want to go the whole hog and get the Kigurumi giraffe costumes that comes with the full-on giraffe face hoody, tail and feet.

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Giraffe Onesie for Men

In the past, manufacturers have been slow to react to demand for these stubby horned creatures but now buying a giraffe onesie for men is much easier since they took into account that there is a real demand for them from people that are over 6 foot tall. Buying a man’s giraffe onesie is no problem, they are tailored to fit baggy so you just need to order the normal men’s sizes that you normally would for any other item of clothing. The giraffe onesie has been snapped up by the men folk for stag dos and parties and was possibly one of 2012s most popular animal suits.

Ladies Giraffe Onesie and Giraffe Print Pyjamas

giraffe print pyjamas

Giraffe Print Pyjamas

The giraffe onesie makes an excellent purchase for a woman whether it’s a gift from hubby or a boyfriend or just the girl’s own choice – . Giraffe onesies are suitable for girls and boys, children, babies and adults alike. Just use the size that you would normally use for buying any other garment, the onesie will take care of the rest and will have that natural bagginess that are innate to these all-in-ones no matter whether you are plus size, XXL or the tiniest of toddlers. There is also a superb range of giraffe print pyjamas to choose from.



Kids and Babies Giraffe Onesie

Children and babies also look adorable dressed in giraffe onesies. They make a fun costume at parties and sleepovers and will be the envy of all their friends. As a fancy dress item, the giraffe onesie is pretty special, as it’s not a common choice but will get loads of comments and admiration from the other party goers. Coming with cute face, horns, tail, hoofs and fantastic yellow/orange and brown giraffe print, it’s just as colourful as other animal onesies and immediately recognisable as the animal that it is supposed to represent, unlike some of the other more ambiguous animal jumpsuits and rompers.

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