Dragon Onesie

by Admin on 15/05/2013

Dragon Onesie

Adult dragon onesies

Dragon Onesies

So you want to look like Godzilla or the latest Hobbit movie has inspired you to dress up like Smaug? Dragon onesies have hit town, so you can now breathe fire and guard your mound of gold in comfort and style.These soft and fleecy dragon onesies will bring an extra dimension of play and fun into your house in the evenings – you can even sleep in them if you wish. And you don’t have to confine your dragon wear to the evenings. Plenty of people are starting to take their favourite onesie costumes outside, heck – they’re even wearing them at festivals and parties.

Men’s Dragon Onesie

Watch out girls, the men are getting in on the animal onesie phenomenon, too. Dragons seem to hold a bit of magical power over the guys. I guess they think that it gives them a powerful edge whilst also catering to their lazy, slovenly and snoozy sides. Dragons are known to sleep for a thousand years – does that remind you of anybody? So he might fancy the St. George connotations, so he can play at being your knight in shining armour (but that would mean slicing up his own onesie with a sword!?) or he might just like walking around with dragon scales, wings and a tail while out on a stag do with the boys. Dragon onesies for men allow them to imagine all sorts of scenarios whilst being wrapped up warm and cosy – and then they get to sleep curled up in a cave for a long time – a great present for them!

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Dragon Onesies for Kids

Dragon onesies for kids

Kid’s Dragon Onesie

Kids will love dressing up in dragon onesies – one of the more playful looking animal onesies around, probably because they are magical and not just your run-of-the-mill zoo animals. What would they rather be represented as? A fantastical creature that can soar around on its great wings, breathe fire, plunder towns and steal treasure? Or a frog? I know where my money would be! There’s a few different styles and colours of children’s dragon playsuits to choose from and mostly available next day delivery in the UK, – from red to green, with or without wings (OK they’re more like dinosaurs but kids will love them, too).  So if you’re stuck for a quick party outfit or novelty fancy dress costume, this dragon onesie for kids will always be a winner. They’ll also love sleeping in them.

Baby Dragon Onesie

dragon onesies for babies

Baby Dragon Onesie

This absolutely cute and adorable dragon onesie for babies will get the awwws and the ahhhhs flowing! A small toddler bumping around in one of these colourful and cosy onesies always looks the picture. This soft velour blue and purple spotted playsuit with cute horned hood and tail makes the ultimate cutesy gift for any little monster. This is a quality all-in-one and at a price that is well worth the money – sizes fit from 6 – 18 months old.

Women’s Dragon Onesie

Ladies might prefer the more playful and slightly unusual kigurumi style dragon onesies. There’s something a little more playful about these cosy animal zip up one-pieces that can be used as lounge wear, Halloween or party costumes or even just plain old dragon pyjamas. These dragon pyjamas are pretty much unisex, really, and it seems to be the way now that couples are

dragon onesies fancy dress costume for adults

Dragon Onesie For Women

enjoying them together with both partners buying a onesie each because they just know that the other is going to get jealous!

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