Dinosaur Onesie

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Dinosaur Onesie

adult Dinosaur Onesie also for kids

Dinosaur Onesies

The dinosaur onesie has been a big hit with kids and adults alike. Those of us that remember being young when Jurassic Park came out still hanker for those days of Velociraptors and T-Rexs but equally there remains a fascination with dinosaurs especially with kids to this very day. Inflatable dinosaurs were just the tip of the iceberg!

Dinosaur Onesies for Men

Commonly confused with the dragon onesie, the adult men’s dinosaur onesie is distinctive in that it has the classic zigzag pattern down the back and doesn’t have wings. The head is also a little more Tyrannosaurus-like with snarly teeth and the small beady eyes of a man-eating monster. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t cute and cuddly at the same time! There’s nothing better than snuggling up to one of these green lizard beasts when a night on the sofa is called-for.

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Women’s Dinosaur Onesie

For the ladies, they tend to go in for the more Japanese Kigu style dinosaurs suits which give a bit of a more cartoon edge to the monsters – anime or manga style. They are very sweet looking dinosaurs that probably wouldn’t hurt a fly – but don’t be fooled. These monsters have bite! And there’s always the choice between those dinosaurs that blend into crocodile style or the Godzilla type of monster depending on your dinosaur preference. We all know Godzilla was a big softy at heart and so the teeth are a little less ferocious on this style of dino onesie.

One of the cute styles to come onto the Kigurumi scene recently is a short body dinosaur onesie. These are becoming increasingly the trend as people take to wearing their onesie outdoors – and the short onesies are becoming the clothing of choice at hot summer festivals. These aren’t just for nightwear and cold winter’s nights any more.

Kids Dinosaur Onesies and Baby Dinosaur Onesies

The dinosaur onesie really comes into its own for kids, though. Kids can’t seem to get enough of all things dinosaur and the dinosaur fancy dress costume is no exception. The kids are equally at home using these dino all-in-ones as pyjamas or just plain happy to romp around and play in them. They’re especially popular when visiting theme parks, zoos and other areas where dressing up to play is fun and animal costumes would not be out of place.

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As well as children’s size dinosaur onesies, there is also a wide variety of smaller ones for babies and toddlers – these include rompers and baby all-in-ones. Don’t worry if you’re a kid at heart and want one of these. They are designed to fit baggy and will suit the smallest adult up to a 6ft plus size.

Although the mums and dads would like to join them, most of them manage to stay out of their dinosaur onesies until safely locked away behind closed doors in the evening – although that’s not to stop grown men and women wearing them out to stag and hen parties. Actually, they’re quite common at festivals, too!


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