Crocodile Onesie

by Admin on 22/05/2013

Crocodile Onesie

crocodile onesies for kids, men and women

Crocodile Onesie

These snappy crocodile onesies are really something to get your teeth into! Croc onesies are really popular, especially with the men and kids. There’s something about the majestic and powerful with a crocodile – but there’s also that element of lazily floating around that might appeal to some men!

Crocodile Onesie for Men and Boys

Most men remember crocodiles as being a bit naughty. When they were boys they might remember Tick-Tock from Peter pan (the croc that swallowed a ticking clock) or Leatherhead, the mutant alligator/crocodile from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whatever the reminiscing, crocodile jumpsuits are a great present for men and boys because they sum up that scary animal thing that most of the males prefer. The croc or alligator onesie comes in the green colour that you’d expect and will quite often have a crocodile’s face and teeth coming down the front of the hood. These zip up, hooded crocodile costumes make an excellent choice for parties, raves and festivals or just going out and about (yes, people have taken to wearing their animal onesies in public!). They also make great snug sleepwear and make a nice change from your regular pyjamas, while keeping you warm and toasty when you’re both in and out of bed.

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Crocodile Onesies for Women and Girls

Of course, neither the crocodile, nor any of the onesie zoo animals are the exclusive realm of either sex. Part of the fun in dressing up in these onesies is that they are interchangeable and generally unisex. Women and girls may prefer the more cute kigurumi style crocodile onesies (personally, I just think they look better quality, anyway) but the choice is theirs. Kids look great in crocodile onesies because they impart a sense of fun and they’ll be a popular choice as fancy dress costumes. Fans of Madagascar will be able to identify with Roger, the sewer alligator. As a friend of the penguins, he’s become one of the more popular characters in the films and series and has inspired many a young child to want to impersonate a croc. They’re also incredibly popular animals at zoos and safari parks, so if your child has become obsessed with crocodiles, why not buy a crocodile onesie in a kid’s size that they will love to dress up in and go roaring around in.

Crocodile Onesie Prices, Styles and Sizes

As mentioned previously, crocodile onesies and pyjama suits come in all shapes, sizes and styles. You should be able to find one for every occasion and for any size person from the smallest toddler (babies look adorable in these green croc onesies) to the six footed fella in your life (you might need one of the plus size crocodile onesies or an XL version). The prices vary between styles, some of the higher quality onesies retail at around £39.99 whereas you can pick up cheaper crocodile onesies at around £20. Most of them are available online for next day delivery in the UK. You may have to wait a bit for shipping to Australia or the US, but you can still find some of the best deals on Amazon even for those countries.

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