Cat Onesie

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Cat Onesie

cat onesies for women and girls

Cat Onesies

Cat onesies are probably the most agile, sleek and sensual of all the animals in the Onesie Zoo. Whn choosing an animal onesie it’s often a good idea to get something that matches the person’s personality and character. If you want to buy a present for your husband or boyfriend, for example, you might think of him as strong and masculine like a Lion. If, on the other hand, you’re buying for a baby, child or toddler, you might want to go with something a bit more fun and playful. This is where the fun animals like turtles and penguins come into play. The cat onesie has a definite personality that it embues on its wearer. The cat has plenty of qualities that might apply to the owner of a cat all-in-one, some of which may seem contradictory, with some imparting a feeling of strength and others showing something a bit softer. Adjectives such as cuddly, serene and soothing might come to mind, on the other hand, the cat also has a darker side where words summing up its hunting and predator image might be more apt. If you want to be seen as a fluffy, serene and laid back I’m sure you’ll find one of the cat onesies here a purrrrfect match. If, on the other hand, you need something a bit more energetic or stealthy, you might want to consider a leopard or tiger onesie.

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Cat Onesies for Men

At first glance it might not seem to fit – the idea of a men’s cat onesie! However, there are plenty of men out there who own them and love them – and plenty of the ladies find them appealing on a man. There’s no gender divide when it comes to animal onesies – that’s part of why the whole idea of Kigurumi, animal costumes and onesies has taken off so well. It has to be said, though that they are far less popular amongst men. They do seem to prefer the idea of the Big Cats if they are to consider a feline onesie at all.

Cat Onesie for Women

cat onesie kigu for women

Cat Onesie Kigu

Women’s cat onesies come in all kinds of varieties and colours. The thing with onesie wearing is that there is so much variation. It would be a pretty boring world if everywhere you went in your onesie, everybody had the same type, differentiated only by animal. The onesie manufacturers have been clever to come up with a nice selection of differing colours, shapes and types of cat onesies, so you’ll have the choice of cat face on the hood, whiskers, paws, button-up or zip-up, cuffed arms or ankles. There are even short trouser onesies for those of you that have taken to wearing your onesies outside on a sunny day or just love them so much that you want to wear them all year round and not just licking your paws in front of the fire.Women and girls also get the added bonus of Hello Kitty onesies or some of the other character cats that come in pinks, whites and more girly colours. You’re not just restricted to the tabby or black and white cat style. There’s also a great variety of sizes to be had. If you need a plus size cat onesie or XL, then there will be one available. If you need a cat onesie for the tiniest baby, you also be able to find some adorable ones.

Children’s Cat Onesie

cat onesies for kids

Cat Onesies for Kids

Of course, we can’t leave the kids out of all the fun. If you want your little girl or boy to look like darling little kittens for that birthday party or sleepover night, then you could get one of these cute cat onesies. They’ll be thrilled to wear this around the house and in bed sleeping – in fact, you’ll probably not get them out of it. Most kids love cats and this makes a wonderful cat playsuit for them to run around in. Also available are baby cat onesies and cat onesies for toddlers.

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