Bat Onesie for Halloween Parties

by Admin on 12/10/2013

Getting a bat onesie may be the best thing you do this Halloween. Aren’t we all tired of dressing up in the same old witch costumes, bandaged mummies and mad doctors? Going to the Halloween party dressed in a onesie might not seem the norm – but that’s great if you’re trying to be a little different. And with the bat onesie you’re right on theme and you’ll end up being the blood-sucking life and soul of the party.

classic bat onesie

Vampire Bat Onesie

There are a few styles of bat all-in-one to choose from, ranging from cheaper versions to the pricier kigurumi style. One of my favourites is the classic black and red winged bat onesie, the colours of which closely mirror the Dracula and vampire associations. If your wife, daughter or girlfriend is a fan of any of the popular vampire series such as Twilight, they’re going to fall in love with one of these costumes. OK, they are a bit “classic vampire bat” but that’s what’s required for a good Halloween onesie.

Halloween Onesie

If you don’t want to go with the classic furry eared critter’s costume you could simply buy a stylish coloured onesie with bat prints and designs incorporated into it. Check out the following – they look suitably batty!



bat design onesie

Bat Design Onesie

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