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Welcome to http://www.onesiezoo.com where you can pick out your favourite animal onesies, kigus and animal pyjamas and take them home with you. We’ve assembled a wild bunch of cuddly, stylish and toasty animal onesies that are just begging to break free from the zoo and cuddle up to you at home while you’re chilling out.

Cute animal onesies

Adopt an Animal Onesie!

You’ve seen the new craze in animal onesies and kigurumi and you’ve gazed lovingly at those cute animal pyjamas – now’s the time to get in on the action. In Japan, kigurumi took off as costumed performers started to wear animal and toy costumes, usually based on anime characters or other cartoon animals. Now the whole world seems to have latched onto the phenomenon, firstly with celebrities sporting their favourite animal all-in-ones out in public to finally everybody wanting one of these adorable animal jumpsuits just to lounge around in at home. Currently, the fad amongst students and youngsters is to wear onesies out clubbing or at festivals, and the ladies are finding nothing better than dressing up their man in a tiger onesie for those wild evenings in!

Unleash The Animal In You! Animal Onesies For Adults

Animal onesies are a great way to represent what you want to say about yourself. Do you see yourself in the cuddly, black and white endangered panda onesie that needs looking after or the cheeky, naughty and playful monkey onesie? The more homely amongst you might feel like adopting a dog onesie or a cat onesie, whereas the more adventurous might fancy something more fantastical like a dragon or dinosaur onesie. Whatever you choose, whether it’s for you, your loved one or your kids, there’s something for everyone and an animal onesie out there that will reflect or enhance your personality.

Animal Pyjamas Are All the Rage

For those that want even more wear out of their favourite leopard, crocodile or penguin onesies, you can even take them to bed with you! Sleep like a lion tonight in your snug lion pyjamas or keep out the cold in your fleece bear pyjamas. When the winter sets in you might need to snuggle down under the duvet in your wolf onesie or keep the chill out in nature’s way with a fun penguin onesie.

Animal Onesies for Kids

Remember not to keep all this fun for yourselves! As well as animal onesies for adults, kids onesies are also extremely popular. Have you seen how cute the baby onesies look – they make super presents for friends or family with babies and young children. They’re also a great theme for sleep-over parties and even birthday parties – even if it’s not fancy dress, children’s onesies and animal pyjamas for kids are fun and endearing.

Remember – An Animal Onesie is Not Just for Christmas!

Onesies are not just sleepwear and they’re not just for lounging around in. As millions receive their animal onesies as Christmas presents, they are starting to see their new found friends more as a way of life than just another fad to wear for a few days of the holiday season. Celebrities are frequently being snapped in public wearing their cherished giraffe onesies or themed onesies. Grown adults and whole families are walking around in Hello Kitty onesies or other branded one-piece zip-up tracksuits. The animal onesie phenomenon is here to stay – so embrace it and unleash the animal in you! Talking of Christmas – check out this article on awesome dinosaur stocking fillers and ideas that your kids are gonna love, especially after the phenomenal success of Jurassic World and soon to be released “The Good Dinosaur” this year!


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